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You've Taken Your First Step To
An Amazing Career Journey!

On behalf of Team BrightKyte, thank you for submitting your application as a Behavior Coach!

If you applied on Indeed, please be aware that you may receive an automated notice that this job posting has “closed” or has been “rejected” – do not worry! You are still in consideration for this position.

We will be in touch to schedule your interview, and are very interested in you joining our team! If you have any questions, please contact our Career Success Advocate: [email protected]

We are dedicated to helping children with ASD achieve a better future, and with your help that future will become a reality. We are reviewing your application and video now, and will update you if it passes our approval process. If approved, the next step after that will be to schedule your interview with the therapy clinic in your area.

So hang tight, and thank you for helping make the world a better place one child at a time!