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This limited time offer will give you exclusive access to our proprietary software system for FlightCrew.

  • Effortlessly review candidates  that have been prequalified through our staffing platform, including video introductions so you can get to know candidates quickly!
  • Candidates automatically populate in your region from multichannel staffing outreach.
  • Manage the candidate journey, from review to interview to hire!
  • Gain the ability to streamline the staffing journey for pre-certified RBTs!

Hiring the BCBAs and RBTs you need is now easier than it’s ever been.
With FlightCrew by BrightKyte, you can...

Get fully staffed fast

Massively increase your financial intake

View candidate video interviews daily

See potential new hire info at your fingertips

Reduce/eliminate patient waitlists

Increase staff efficiency

Build a culture you enjoy

Relieve the stress of feeling like you never “have enough”

You Are Your Team

It’s simple. You have a waitlist of patients who need your help. But you struggle to find and retain RBTs who align with your values, and who are passionate about a long-term career in Applied Behavior Analysis. Even in the best of circumstances, if you’re fully staffed with RBTs you also need high quality BCBAs in order to serve the staggering amount of patients continuing to reach out to you.

Our proprietary platform, previously only available to our full-time FlightPath partners, now gives you the tools you need to screen candidates in minutes instead of days. You can respond almost instantly to ideal employees, catching them before another employer. Our unique technology solution has been tested and proven with our current partners and is guaranteed to work for you too. 

It’s All About The Network

You need help finding the right people: the ones who will stay and share your values and your sense of urgency. That’s where BrightKyte comes in.  

It’s All About The Network: Our network of nationwide Applied Behavior Analysis candidates are just waiting to find the right clinics. We find the people. You approve them. And then? You’re building a clinic that can proudly boast, “no more waitlists”.