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With This Course You'll Learn:

Discrete-Trial Training


A method of teaching children a variety of physical and verbal skill using imitation. This is a very powerful way to teach children of almost any age!


Naturalistic Training


Teaching children by taking advantage of their existing interests and need. Most kids have things they love to do, this is a great tool to motivate a child to learn.




Chaining breaks a task down into small steps and then teaches each step within the sequence by itself. With this method, no one task is to great to accomplish!


...And Much More!

Our course teaches 10 behavioral skills plus multiple reporting and analysis methods that set you up to start working with children in 40 days.

Valuable Knowledge

There are thousands of children in need of behavior help right now. Your new skills as a Registered Behavior Professional are in high demand! You will be able to help families with children on the autism spectrum and other neurological disorders.


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